Hello there!

I’ve been a storyteller all of my life. From simple drawings, acting, improv, music, teaching, writing, and even in my business, these mediums help share ideas, feelings, and so much more. That’s what I love to do.

Here’s part of my professional story…

I graduated from Hendrix College with a degree in Art. My experience has covered all aspects of commercial graphic design including print production, advertising layout, identity development, branding, video production, radio and television spots, media event promotion, marketing, and web design. In addition to seven years as the Creative Director for the disbanded Vulcan Creative Labs, I’ve acted as Creative Director for the City of Eureka Springs Advertising and Promotions Commission. My work was been shown in Mac Design magazine and I’ve received awards for best ad layout and best web design in the 2005 Outlet Awards in Northwest Arkansas.

From 2005-2007, I acted as the President of the Northwest Arkansas Art Directors Club. I was also a board member of the New Design School (Now called Pixel) in Fayetteville, AR for seven years where I teach beginning students and help them on a path of self-creative discovery, creativity, spirit, and design skills.

After the disbanding of Vulcan Creative Labs, I launched Mighty Creative to continue web and graphic design work in 2005. Big wheels were in motion in the Spring of 2006 and I took a position at Tyson Foods, Inc. corporate offices in Springdale, AR starting as a Senior Graphic Designer and moving up to Art Director and then Creative Director of Digital Media in the Corporate Communications Department.

Voted by the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal as a “40 Under 40” mover and shaker in 2005, other endeavors I have been a part of including: the Fayetteville Film Festival for 3 years, the Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival for 2 years, co-founder of DeadFred.com (still up and running, but a little dated), an award-winning world-renown genealogy photo archive; and Blue Zoo Websites, an automated web site generator for small businesses to get up and going on the web with little money down.

In 2008, my new business partner, Collin Condray, and I incorporated Blue Zoo Websites, LLC doing freelance web design. In 2010, it became Blue Zoo Creative and has been adding capabilities and staff to better serve businesses with their online presence. In July of 2013, we launched a new direction in Online Presence Management to help companies manage their entire digital endeavors with a team of Zookeepers. In 2016 we shifted to be a full Creative Agency providing creative solutions for companies through brand, design (web, print, and digital), photography, video, social media, content, SEO and more with our Pride, a vetted community of passionate professionals.

What drives me in all these endeavors?

Creativity feeds my soul. And the more I can help others free themselves to be creative and profitable, the energy I get back drives me on to greater endeavors. I can’t imagine the peaks I’ll reach, but I look forward to the journey.

Currently, I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with my wife, Christi, and a needy dog named Zoe.

I’m currently in search of like-minded individuals who are creating their own futures to spotlight on my web site and possibly aid in your endeavors. Contact me by e-mail, my contact form, or any social channel.

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