Charitable Activities

Since moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2000, I’ve been involved in all sorts of amazing things. I try to give something back to the community with my design skills when there isn’t ample cash to donate.

Special Olympics Arkansas
I routinely donate my design time to produce t-shirts, logos, event posters, and more for Area 3 and the annual games in Central Arkansas. I have been recognize at the state level for my work and will continue to donate my skills as long as they’d like to keep seeing them. Local volunteer, Lee Slusarek of the Northwest Athletic Club in Springdale, got me involved and he and I started Studio 12One as a ‘company’ to specifically doing non-profit t-shirts and other promotional items.

Fayetteville Film Fest/Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival
Looking to get my foot in the door in the community as well as enjoying the hell out of the 2001 Fayetteville Film Fest, I ended up helping run things for a few years and then act as Director in Fayetteville the last year. In Eureka Springs, while working a six month stint in the City Advertising Commission, it was discovered I was already helping run the Fayetteville Festival, so they turned it over to me with some help from the Film Commission in Little Rock.

Northwest Arkansas Art Directors Club
An amazing organization that brought guest speakers to NWA. Graphic Designers, filmmakers, illustrators and more came from all over the United States. We also brought the New York Art Directors Club Annual Design Competition Winners exhibit to NWA for 2 years. Additionally, the group had an annual Student Exhibition and an Awards show called The Outlet Awards.

Graphic Design for Other Groups

  • Logo for Unity of Fayetteville
  • Logo for WordCamp Fayetteville
  • Logo, Website, and materials for the Northwest Arkansas Happiness Club