Originally a full year project that lost steam. I got further with the 365 Quotes. Hope you enjoy these.

Deity-A-Day 13 | Gladys

You know how you always seem to have an odd sock out in the laundry. This Goddess is the culprit!

Deity-A-Day 11 | Barnaby

Don’t you just hate it when your crackers at lunch are all broken? Want someone to blame? FOUND ‘EM!

Deity-A-Day 10 | Eunice

Who do you turn to when your clothes zap you with enough static electricity to stop a pace-maker?

Deity-A-Day 8 | Chad

What happens when you’re fed up with the Greek Mythos? Make up your own! Meet Chad. One of the ‘New” Gods.

Deity-A-Day 7 | Apollo

You think you had problems if your dad was the minister of the church? What if he was King of the Gods?!

Deity-A-Day 3 | Hades

Sulphur and brimstone is like Axe cologne in the Underworld. Today’s deity is…Hades.