In hindsight, I should have started on January 1 with Dionysus, the God of Wine and Hedonism. But since I didn’t get schnockered on New Year’s Eve, I had no hangover on New Year’s Day to give me that inspiration.

As a god goes, this one is a lot of fun. Not only the god of wine, but of ritual madness and ecstasy. According to some sources, he entered into the Greek mythology late but is still considered one of the 12 rulers of Olympus. Many jokes may ensue when you read about Dionysus. In Roman mythology he was named Bacchus.

One entry I found interesting was he was the God of Liberation as in, liberating people from their inhibitions and one’s normal self through music, wine and dance. Read more about Dionysus here.

My sketch is not entirely original. My research found references to the god being rather uni-sexual with traits of both a man and woman…or rather a ‘womanish man.’ AND I found out that Centaurs and Satyrs loved to party with Dionysus.

Fifteen minutes doesn’t give me enough time to draw an entire orgy, so your stuck with a pudgy, drunken face.

See you tomorrow!

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