Reno, NV: Journeys, Chess, and the Mustang Ranch

Reno, NV: Journeys, Chess, and the Mustang Ranch

day1_blearydeparture4:15 – Christi’s klaxon alarm clock goes off, hurtling me out of bed making my entire body vibrate after only four and a half hours of sleep.

4:57 – Kiss girlfriend good-bye in the dark…which isn’t as romantic as you’d think it would be…mostly due to me being a bit bleary eyed…not due to the beautiful sexy woman I’m saying good-bye to (wink). She snaps a photo. (click!)

I realize many people travel all the time, but I’ve only recently started actively exploring and traveling again. I forgot how much fun it is! The adventure. The experiences. The excitement of the journey. The quick adapting to unexpected changes in plans.

Okay…sometimes I don’t handle changes to plans so well. Now, I’m not saying I freak out and scream at people. But I do freak out….a little.


Because I tend to plan ahead like in a game of chess. And when something changes, a whole line of thinking needs to be taken into consideration to keep other plans on track.

Back to Reno…

Let’s just say I TRIED to plan ahead and pick a NICE hotel. And, well…okay, so I freaked out when we checked in to the Atlantis Spa and Resort, they gave us the key cards and said, “You’ll be in the motor lodge behind the resort, but I gave you a view of the hotel.”

Um. What?

NOTE TO SELF: You MUST read the fine print on ANY online reservation.

Ten minutes in the room and we all decided to upgrade.

Took me a while to shake it off. I was embarrassed we were in this situation, irritated at the extra cost, and angry I hadn’t read things as clearly as I thought I had.

Okay…really it took me all night, sleeping, getting up, breakfast, and finally a text message shifted me into a good mood.

My beautiful clever girlfriend threw my own words back at me by text, “Why is it that we so often forget to take every moment we have and enjoy it and the people around us? Why don’t we stop what we are doing, quit focusing on ourselves and see what is right in front of us?”

She’s good. Very good.

So, I sit here, writing this blog viewing the sunset shining off the mountains in Reno. My friend Jon sitting next to me sipping coffee. My sister sitting across the room catching up on her business and friends. All of us happily interrupting each other to make a comment, share a moment, or point out something that has caught our attention. Waiting for tomorrow when all the Xocai Healthy Chocolate seminars and celebrations begin.

No checkmate. The board has been cleared and now covers the whole world.

Oh…and no need to go to the Mustang Ranch. Just thought it was catchy in the title.
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P.S. I know I’m trying to post daily. Technically, it’s 11:00 p.m. in Reno, so I’m still making it on time. Will post new one earlier tomorrow. Thanks for reading!!