Happy New Year, Everyone!

Today begins 365 days of creativity with my “Diety-A-Day” blog entry. After reading a cool article on Smashing Magazine called “Design Something Every Day,” I decided to join in and asked a few of my graphic designer and creative friends if they wanted to join in.

So far, only my friend Jeannie has joined in with a “Stamp of the Day” on her new blog, DesignWrangler.com.

The challenge is simple in thought, but an honest to gawd struggle to find 15-30 minutes A DAY on something creative. The article mentioned others who have done a “Monster a day” or a “Drop Cap a day.”

I decided to do a “Deity-A-Day” due to my love of mythology, a current project I’m working on, and after hearing an interview with Joseph Campbell of The Heroes Journey.

So, today we start with Zeus, King of the Greek Gods. Sketch and some extra playing included in this post. Yes. I spent more than thirty minutes. I’ll do better tomorrow!