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Since seeing the ancient cave painting of Lascaux (in a book), I’ve been drawn to visual communications and graphic design. I believe that the job of commercial creative work is to inspire someone, somewhere, to do something.

And when we gather together, we can create something none of us alone could have ever imagined. (Click the link below to watch a video I wrote and edited for my philosophy on design).

Areas of Expertise

When it comes to creativity, I’m ‘all in.’
Here are a few areas I have experience in
(though I always am interested in learning more.)


Creative Direction

Find a solution, offer direction, and let creatives flex their own skills. When results don’t match quality or expectations, questions yield ideas that ensure the final product is the best it can be.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is more than the logo, it is the story, photos, tone, colors, and much more. Educating others to this approach is key in all my projects.

Web Dev/Design

Since 1997, I’ve built both static (HTML) and dynamic sites. Since 2008, I have worked nearly exclusively in WordPress but have the core knowledge needed for nearly any platform.


For design, I use several programs in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). I also use many online services for business and communication. (See below).


I started ‘desktop publishing’ in 1986. My first job was managing and running an ‘in-house’ print shop learning the entire process from design, to offset printing, to bindery. I continue working with printing companies today (and have a brother that is a co-owner of a printing company).



Communication in a virtual setting is key in business. It is my goal to never have to apologize for delays or misunderstandings. You find the medium the client uses best (text, email, phone, etc) and adapt to them.

Better Together

This video was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Blue Zoo Creative. We were undergoing a transition and I wanted to set a ‘northstar’ for our company. The video is made up of professional videos for a variety of our clients, iPhone footage, and a voice-over from a client we worked with. It is also my personal view and something I’ve taught aspiring graphic designers over the years.

Selected Work

For more on creative direction, visit the Blue Zoo ‘Work’ page.
Most recent work has a list of projects and who was involved and in what capacity.

Book Design

With my roots being in desktop publishing, I often am called upon to design covers, workbooks, full books, as well as newsletters and ads for print or digital delivery. I’ve handled all aspects from design to print.


While branding isn’t just about a logo or style guide, this is often where I’ve started with clients. Below are some starting points after interviews, stories, goals, and aspirations are considered.


The biggest skill I have is adaptability and the desire to learn.
Here are some others.

Other Experience

Event Organizer

  • WordCamp Fayetteville for 2 years
  • Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival
  • Fayetteville FilmFest
  • Blue Zoo Creative 10 Year Anniversary Event
  • Happiness Club Monthly Meetups (six months)

Leadership Roles

  • Art Directors Club of Northwest Arkansas (VP Communications and President)
  • BNI Business Networking International (President one-term)
  • New Design School (Board President one-term and several years on the board)


  • Teacher at the New Design School 2007-2017
  • Speaker WordCamp Fayetteville 2011-2018
  • Speaker WordCamp Kansas City 2015
  • Speaker Sarkey’s Foundation for Nonprofits 2015
  • Speaker/teacher at various events, networking, and workshops

(Years Experience)

Graphic Design

Web Design/Dev

What’s Next?

In 1999, I read an article that changed my view on how businesses should be run. While you have to have a leader or leadership team, empowering those who work for you and ‘feeding’ them is vital. 

I’ve started five companies, closed two, sold two, and still have one. In all that time, I haven’t managed to create exactly the environment I had hoped, but have learned a ton and have gotten close. The big ‘win’ is that I’ve grown many people into higher level jobs and am proud of that fact.

My best talent is in finding creative solutions to help reach the audience people want to reach. I’m looking to see what’s next and how I can help others grow and achieve their dreams.


A few kind words from people I’ve worked with and for over the years.

Passionate. That’s the one word I would choose to describe Eric Huber’s approach to what he does.

Eric’s thirst for knowledge, to take something, break it down, see not only how it ticks, but WHY…is what Eric does. Marketing, advertising, visual communications, social media, graphic design, branding…it’s all there. Eric has never shown me something that he does that he doesn’t do very, very well.

Eric was always reliable and consistent in his work ethic when we worked together within the Northwest Arkansas Art Directors Club. He was always a steady and solid contributor to the team. He took ownership of his projects, worked well independently, and was more than enjoyable to work with during our time together.

I give Eric my strong recommendation.

Justin Williams

Creative Consultant, Frisco Tattoo NWA | Blue Zoo Creative | Justin Delany Williams Art

How can I thank you enough?! You have made my job easier, more FUN and profitable!

I am an entrepreneur by heart and started my own Executive Coaching business. I built my own website by using one of those ‘build-your-own-website-its-so-easy” sites out of desperation because I knew I needed and wanted a website for my clients. I received no traffic and honestly, it looked like a desperate, unorganized website – which translated to my customer – “desperate and organized.”

I handed over the website reigns to you and your team. Wow! Within three months of consulting and re-designing my website, my business has increased by 50% – within THREE MONTHS! Several of the prestigious university career centers and professional organizations I contract with, commented on how user-friendly, straight-forward, fresh and a lot of fun to read.

I know with every certainty, if it hadn’t been for you and your team, rockin’ up my website – my business would not be where it is today. I am excited to see the results I have already experienced and the future profits heading my way!

Alison Nail-Malone

Owner/CEO and Executive Leadership Coach, Malone Consultants Group

After admiring Eric’s work for many years, when I finally had a chance to work with him I found him to be one of the most talented and friendly people I’d ever met. Over the years since, we’ve worked together on a good number of projects for various clients ranging from logos to websites and social media. Each time I’ve enlisted Eric on a job, I’ve had VERY satisfied clients.

What continues to be most striking to me is Eric’s innate talent for capturing the words, concepts and messages that a business or organization uses to represent themselves and translate that into compelling and effective visual imagery for both digital and print applications. In short, he hits the mark the first time, nearly every time.

Beyond his expert eye and ‘design snob’ status, which is conveyed with a grin, his expertise extends over into the practical application of images and communication in all formats, including social media.

If you’re looking for a sharp, effective and leading edge creative, Eric’s your man!

Christi Daniels

Owner, Life Coach, Soul Gardener, and Connection Weaver, Empower Studio

Eric inspires students with his passion for design and creativity. He brings a positive energy to the classroom, keeping students engaged and receptive to new ideas. He goes above and beyond by staying involved in volunteer activities that keep the school operating, fundraising and planning for a healthy financial future. Eric is a dedicated and valued team member, teacher, mentor and leader.

Sonia Gutîerrez

CEO and Co-founder, Easel.Company

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