Hades, Ruler of the Underworld. Another of the Greek gods.

Now, personally, I think Hades has gotten a bad rep.

Hades was another brother of Zeus and drew the lot of the underworld. Contrary to popular belief, Hades is NOT the devil, nor is he the god of Death, Thantos. He simply is the manager of the underworld and is very greedy about getting as many into his realm as possible…and never letting them leave.

Hades is also the god of wealth because all the precious metals are underground.

Hades was said to have a helmet that rendered him invisible, his pet dog was the three-headed Cerebus, and he carries a groovy scepter.

I view Hades as a skinny scary dude with bad halitosis and some funky skin. He was shunned by the other gods and people never spoke his name for fear of getting his unwanted attention. I did a sketch of a little skinny dude in oversized armor feeding a huge three-headed dog, but I am learning how to draw animals better and may share some other time.

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