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Dragon by Eric Huber book Cover

About Dragon

In the wake of a devastating encounter with an age-old terror awoken deep in a lost underground city, Kaelyn Scabaren emerges as the lone survivor, unearthing a hidden wellspring of sorcerous abilities as a Soka. In the scarred realms of Avengarde, where dragon swarms once decimated the fabled races of elves, dwarves, humans, and enigmatic Outcasts, many mysteries and dangers remain.

While Avengarde shudders beneath the onslaught of unnatural storms, a malevolent darkness grows in strength, fueled by centuries of festering vengeance. Now, it gathers an unstoppable force that makes the dragon swarms of the past mere drops in a fierce downpour.

Struggling to master his newfound powers, Kaelyn battles his inner demons, haunted by his inability to save his fallen cousins. In his journey, he encounters an assemblage of unlikely allies, each driven towards a common destination from different paths the fates have set them upon. As they confront ghosts from their pasts, nightmares become a reality.

But, an ancient and formidable dragon named Bas’agh’duhl awakes from his slumber, ready to bring about their destruction, resurrecting dragons and unleashing unfathomable devastation upon Avengarde once more. Will Kaelyn and his mismatched comrades stand against the encroaching doom, or will they succumb to the unfathomable tide of darkness that threatens to consume them all?

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In September of 2023, I asked for Beta Readers and the response was stupendous. After 8 weeks I received an amazing amount of feedback to help me improve my novel. The comments were pretty consistent with additional various points of view from each person’s personal taste or experience. 

I’ll begin my rewrite in November of 2023 and hope to have completed by the end of the year and will work to find an editor and proofreader. From there, I’ll either self-publish, or look for a publisher (which I understand is challenging).

Much appreciation to all!

Eric Huber makes his publishing debut with Dragon. He has had a lifelong career in branding for Fortune 100 companies and startups in print and web globally. Huber has written fiction since elementary school and now shares stories on his website at www.EricHuber.com. He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife and grandkids, who all inspire him to tell more stories daily. He also owns Blue Zoo Creative, a design agency co-founded in 2008.