Ahura Mazda Warns of Global Disaster

In the Zoroastrian holy book the Vendidad, Ahura Mazda warns the prophet Yima of an impending natural disaster. Yima organized creating an underground refuge to save the people of his country. The television show, Ancient Aliens, posits that Ahura Mazda, who flew in the skies, was an aliens who helped humans and got them to build the underground city of Derinkuyu.

I have a different idea. When I stop and look at modern satellites, I see a striking resembalence to Ahura Mazda’s chariot as well as many winged vehicles flown by the gods that communicated from the heavens (rather than those who landed and walked among us ordinary humans.) What do satellites do today? Help with communications. Look at the stars. And warn us of bad weather coming.

And the God NOAA spoke to the people and said, ‘A Tornado Warning is in effect. A tornado was spotted moving northeast over Washington county at the speed of 30 miles per hour. Those in the path of the tornado should seek shelter immediately. Damaging winds and hail have been associated with this storm.’

And speaking of satellites, if we had reached an advanced level of technology before, could it be possible that satellites still orbit the earth from a bygone era? An international group is launching a time capsule into space that they hope will last 50,000 years named, KEO. What secrets will the god KEO give up in 50,000 years?