Ant People of First Earth

This is another area I’ve always considered ever since I first heard about the Hopi Ant People mythology stories.

You see, it was the Ant People who sheltered humans underground during the destruction of the First World according to Hopi legend.

Here is a GREAT passage of the myth that reinforces the idea that there was once a great solar disaster in our past:

So the people went down to live with the Ant People. When they were all safe and settled, Taiowa commanded Soyuknang to destroy the world. Soyuknang destroyed it by fire because the Fire Clan had been it’s leaders. He rained fire upon it. He opened up the volcanoes. Fire came from above and below and all around until the Earth, the waters, the air, all was one element: fire. And then there was nothing left except the people safe inside the womb of the Earth.

This was the end of Tokpela, the First World.”

ant-head Now, to me, if you enlarge a picture of an ant’s head, it looks just like a gas mask. So it occurred to me, that THIS is the reason we all went underground and why so many mythologies speak of ‘man created from earth’ or ‘people being led from the caves to learn the ways of agriculture.’ All of this as if we were primitive and needed help.

However, a global disaster would have had people hiding for many years and they would have needed help from the industrious Ant People who… if the stories were true… would have needed gas masks in a world where volcanoes spewed lava and sulphur. Heck, you would have needed masks just to breathe after a global fire.

On one of the Izu Islands, an island called Izu Oshima is a place where three tectonic plates meet and the island’s air is filled with sulphur. In fact, it has the highest concentration of sulphur on earth (according to the two sources I found). They all live with gas masks on (or very close by). They are also paid for scientific research to do so.

Hmmm. Why is someone doing research to see the effects of living with a gas mask on all your life.

Me thinks some people are working on being prepared.