Comic Con 2008 – Last Day (sunday)

Comic Con 2008 – Last Day (sunday)

Well, the adventure draws to a close. Our plan was to take Chris to the airport around 9 and head back to browse for a couple of hours. But we didn’t schedule quite right and traffic was still bad the closer you got to the convention center.

By the time we got close, we only had about 45 minutes. I really needed to drop in to buy a gift for my nephew, so I asked to be dropped off and meet him back in the alloted time.

3 blocks away and still a huge crowd, it took 15 minutes to get into the building. I stopped long enough to snap a picture of an army of ceramic warriors set up for the new Mummy movie. Oh…and a very cool “Black Cat” costume. I had seen several, and I’m sure some may reflect an older version of Black Cat, but this one was very current (see sample).

Anyway…the last picture was me and Troy on the way back to drop off the car. My camera was out of batteries.

Comic Con! I highly recommend it.

Upon returning, I’ve been sent photos and video of the weekend and have found over 24,000 photos, 80+ YouTube videos, and several independent ‘professional’ blogs and news blogs with videos on their site as well. Not to mention all the ones that pop up from previous years.

Next time I go….I have to figure out a way to pace myself. There is SO much going on there at ALL times of the day and night that it is nearly impossible to get through a fraction of what is going on. Films at nearby hotels, after parties at hotels, bars and restaurants, not to mention at the Comic Con they had film festival, anime festival, gaming, costume competitions, autograph signings and if you were an exhibitor or professional there, networking opportunities.

HUGE! I tell ya!

Well…I’ll blog more when I have something new to say. Give me a few days.

Namesté ya’ll!