Of Gods, Temples, Shopping, and Football

Of Gods, Temples, Shopping, and Football

Why is it that so many archaeological discoveries are automatically attributed to be temples and places of worship? Gobekli Tepe, a HUGE area of buildings, predates Stonehenge by 6000 years (messing up general historic timelines for human development) and they say it’s a temple??

Will archaeologists of the future uncover our shopping malls and believe it to be plazas dedicated to the worship of individual gods? The god Nike, Apple, Kohls, Target, Dillards, and Tropical Smoothie…the god of brain freezes? It’s obvious that our shopping malls deal with the ‘divine.’ Just look at the temple of Victoria! Here we see angels!

Will our modern day stadiums be viewed as places of weekly worships where we would re-enact ancient battles every week, display the holy pigskins, speak in tongues, and each participant would wear the holy ornaments of the animal gods that the battle participants adorned? So pervasive is this religion of fuutball, that the youth are indoctrinated at a very young age at mini-religious fields in communities, schools, and colleges.

Maybe Göbekli Tepe wasn’t a temple. Maybe it was a series of training pods for some activity we’ve long forgotten.

Just my opinion.


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