Some days, you just get pissed off. Something little might even trigger you and send you into a spiral.

I never used to be angry. But seeing Anger Management years ago made me think maybe I was.

Over the past few years it feels like it’s gotten worse, though, lately…it’s fewer and far between. But when I do, MAN! It sets in for hours.

Luckily, I’m not physically angry. And I don’t lash out too much at others, but my tolerance does drop considerably and some people may get the brunt of it. I don’t lash out like Steve Jobs did to his staff, and I try to NEVER say anything I’d regret later.

The fires that cross my chest and the “Anger Sharks” that swim in my head are very unpleasant.

What Works for Me in Dowsing the Fires and Scaring Off the Sharks?

  1. Walk away and keep going (a short walk to blow off steam.)
  2. Go to a quiet place (dark or void of a lot of distractions that might trigger you)
  3. Ten minutes (plus) of meditation or some soothing music
  4. Scream (but only if no one is around…and careful, you’ll make your throat REAL sore)
  5. Listen to some comedy

The biggest thing is not to react in the moment, but respond. It’s also good not to stew for too long if it’s something that needs to be addressed.

Well, that’s my lesson for myself tonight. I did do some art therapy when I got triggered today. I call it, ‘Anger Sharks,’ of course! (See below and click for larger image)

Speaking of Anger Sharks, I did snag that from Anger Management. “The Anger Sharks are swimming in my head!” Here’s the scene (start about 20 seconds in):

So…all together now, “GooooosFrabahhhhh.”

Got any tricks of your own? Share below!

Anger Sharks by Eric Huber 2014