Looking back at some of my old ‘God’ image, I realized I had ditched a path of creativity.

With only a few days away from my 44th birthday, I did a quick glance back to all those things I left behind or gave up trying.

Now, some of you who know I’ve gone through Happiness Coaching may say, “WAIT! You can’t look back and regret your decisions! That leads to unhappiness.” Right?

However, I can assure you, what I’m doing instead is looking back at what I used to WANT to do, but didn’t think I should.

Music. Art. Writing.

In fact, I wanted to be a computer game designer and started to study in college, but the college only had programming. Actually it only had a math degree with an emphasis on computer programming.

So, my look back has made me realize how amazing I feel when I create stuff from the heart, from emotions, from passion.

Here are two I did this evening after finding a really really great site filled with free images, brushes, filters, templates and more.

Thanks for letting me share.