bluezoo_teaseAs Blue Zoo Websites nears it’s beta launch, we wanted to let you know what Blue Zoo Websites lets you create. You can create a high quality website, populated with your content, quickly and inexpensively.  Blue Zoo Websites provides the following benefits:

  • A professional looking site – Our sites are crafted by design professionals with years of experience in designing high quality, effective websites. There are a wide variety of sites to cater your message to your organization’s demands.
  • Easy to set up – Select a site name, a domain address and answer a few optional questions about who you are, what your product or service is, and the members of your staff and you’re in business in minutes.
  • Easy to change – You have complete control over the content of your website. No more calling someone else to make edits, you can make changes easily at your leisure on your schedule.
  • Highly customizable – Blue Zoo Websites are based on the WordPress engine, one of the most extensible content management systems in the world. If you need extra functionality such a forums or e-commerce solutions or need help ranking high in search engines your site can be extended with a minimum of fuss and expense.
  • Follow up instruction – Members get access to do it yourself videos that show you not only how to use the WordPress system like a pro, but we also teach you how to market your site and attract visitors.
  • Low price – Some design firms charge thousands of dollars to set up similar website. Our system does the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

Want to know more? Follow our development on Twitter at @collin_bluezoo.