Return of the Sun

Unsplash image of Foggy ValleyAs I write this post, the sky is gray, fog lays across the hills and valleys, rain is drizzling down and it’s cold. Not freezing, mind you, but pretty dang chilly. It’s a perfect day to curl up in bed and watch a movie. But this is the year of creativity, profit and adventure, so I’m up writing and being creative.

Since the Winter solstice has passed, the days are getting longer and the sun is slowly returning with the promise of light and energy to bring Spring into fruition.

Circles, Zero and the Sun

As some of you may know, I am often fixated on information about our sun. I am not fearful of what may occur, but aware of the power it produces and the fact that it is not as stable as we think it is so far from our home planet.

Sun SymbolThis morning, I listed to NPR (National Public Radio) for a bit about a man who searched for the source of the symbol for the number zero. Being a circle, I recalled that an old symbol for the sun is a circle with a solid circle inside.

As a believer that we’ve gained and lost knowledge many times over the millennia, this looks suspiciously like an orbit. Circles often also symbolize a continual loop where a pattern repeats or a path is taken again and again.

Joseph Campbell’s idea of A Hero’s Journey talks about how the Hero’s Journey loops back upon itself, and a new journey begins. Being at the beginning of the New Year, I see this symbol as a sign of this idea. Another progression around the sun begins, and we take that opportunity to reflect and start a new journey for ourselves.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.
~ Joseph Campbell

Back to the sun…

It’s a fascinating thing that hangs in the sky (when we can see it). We take it for granted. It gives life to our planet. And it is theorized to have helped in the rise and fall of civilization over the millennia.Two great sources about the sun, besides doing your own research by going to NASA’s website and pouring over tons and tons of data:

  1. and the
    Ben Davidson started a daily video newscast in 2013 reporting on the status of the sun, Earth weather patterns, earthquakes and environmental events. By 6:30 a.m., his video is online. He also adds all links where he gets his information so you can check it out and verify for yourself. By the way, the “O” in Observers is actually a “Zero.” Here’s the YouTube Channel and an example video from January 3rd:
  2. Dr. Robert Schoch, who has his Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics from Yale, wrote a book titled Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in our Past and Future. In it, he presents his latest research centered on the magnificent Göbekli Tepe complex in Turkey, which confirms his thesis that ancient civilization goes back thousands of years earlier than mainstream historians generally care to acknowledge. Also presented is a new discovery: a reinterpretation of the mysterious rongorongo texts of Easter Island, as the glyphs connect to the work of a prominent plasma physicist. He discusses how solar outbursts and plasma discharges brought about the rapid end of the last ice age and the demise of the early civilizations of that remote period.

What I like about Ben Davidson is that he ends each News Video with “No Fear” when it comes to information about our sun and it’s output. Both men simply state facts that our sun can kick up a tantrum from time to time… and we’re still here. There is no ‘doom and gloom,’ but simply giving us a way to pay attention to a bigger picture that stretches back thousands of centuries.

On this cold gray dreary day, I did take time to chill out and watch a movie. I also wrote and hung out with a friend. As I finish this blog post, and today’s ‘Space Weather,’ although I know that Winter is just settling in, I eagerly await the return of the sun.

What interesting things have you learned about the sun?

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