Twinkies™ and Global Consciousness

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(Originally a talk given at Unity of Fayetteville on 7/21/13 about manifesting)

If you’re here, you’re obviously wondering, why Twinkies,™ Global Consciousness and Manifesting?

I know that nearly everyone here has studied manifesting. Most of you have attended Mary Morrisey’s Prosperity Plus class, watched The Secret, read Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne Dyer, studied Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and the Abraham/Hicks Law of Attraction.

So why would I pick a topic you all already knows?

After hanging out with many of you, talking with others, reading through many books, watching tons of videos and listening to recordings, I kept wondering why many of us still struggle to get what we all dream about.

And then I found out why. I have found the villain that keeps us from success. This villain is devious, steadfast, and insidious.

This villain sabotages our actions just when we are at the edge of success. They place thoughts of fear, jealousy, greed, anger and superstition when we just start to feel our plans are about to come to fruition.

twinkie-protestsAnd then last year this villain took our Twinkies™.

But like in all literature, film and mythology, this is not the kind of villain who is simply motivated to destroy for the sake of destruction. This villain can be saved. It can seek redemption. We can become allies with this villain for the greater good redeeming their past vile actions and inactions.

Just as Darth Vader turned from the Dark Side to help Luke Skywalker defeat the Emperor, or the Grinch returns all the Christmas presents back to the Whos down in Whoville. This antagonist can also be redeemed and become our ally.

This villain is none other than our subconscious mind.

Now we can stop fighting with ourselves and begin recreating the great story of our lives. We have goals and dreams. We have challenges. And we have a villain to battle and save who will help us in our grandest dreams.

How did our subconsciousness steal our Twinkies™ you ask?

Think about our world. Our lives. Our thoughts.

Over the past few decades, we’re more and more concerned with our health. We’re focused on what we’re consuming. How we’re consuming it. We look to make better choices. Many of us often think, “If they didn’t have Twinkies™, I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them.”

I’m making some assumptions on this part, and I know there was some Union management issues at hand, but as a business owner I can guess that some of this occurred: as buying habits shifted, profits dropped in the Hostess company. Workers may have been cut or at least a reduction in hours. In the worker’s subconscious minds, they began feeling fear of losing their jobs. The managers and owners began fearing a loss in profits and the inevitable layoffs. Their villains kept feeding their fears. Finally, a tipping point was reached and no amount of product placement in a zombie movie could help. Hostess filed for bankruptcy and an end of an era was upon us.

For those of you wondering about the zombie movie reference, one of the characters was in search of Twinkies™ in the after apocalypse zombie infested earth. He understood that, contrary to popular belief, Twinkies™ did, in fact, have an expiration date.

Here’s where our villain can be turned and how global consciousness enters the picture.

It has been shown that global events and what people focus on globally can cause a measurable effect. At the moment, from what I’ve read, scientists are only showing that computers constantly producing random numbers will begin having less random numbers when global events occur. However, we’ve learned that ‘Prayer Walks’ (or circles) in cities with high crime have resulted in a lowering of the crime rate from 25% up to 46% according to some sources.

Now, did the outrage of Twinkies™ demise spur us to turn our subconscious minds in conjunction with the larger global consciousness to create action?

Last week, Twinkies™ returned to the shelves of stores with a further extended shelf life (just in case of a zombie apocalypse, I’m guessing).

And…they are testing gluten-free, sugar-free and low-sodium versions to boot!

Honestly, I haven’t had a Twinkie in years. I was sad to hear Twinkies™ were gone. But not because I wanted one, but because it reminded me of when I was younger and when I was a kid. It was a treat. Sure it was all sugar, not good for you, and otherwise kinda gross when you think of all the preservatives. But it evoked an emotion.

I also believe that the power of our global consciousness is limited by each of our own sub-consciousnesses and consciousnesses. It is EASY to believe in holding a Twinkie in your hand and eating it. It is more difficult to believe that we can create a non-profit organization that feeds the world, a home in Italy, or other lofty dream.

Why? Because we’ve held a Twinkie before. We have not owned a home in Italy…yet.

Let’s get back to the villain.

Part of the entire New Thought movement understood the power of the subconscious mind. Even if they didn’t completely understand how to control it, they knew the basics on how to turn it to their goals.

Today’s teachers understand much more, and are teaching it very well.

While you can’t control your subconscious, you can feed it.

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich says this:

“THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND consists of a field of consciousness, in which every impulse of thought that reaches the objective mind through any of the five senses, is classified and recorded, and from which thoughts may be recalled or withdrawn as letters may be taken from a filing cabinet.

It receives, and files, sense impressions or thoughts, regardless of their nature. You may VOLUNTARILY plant in your subconscious mind any plan, thought, or purpose which you desire to translate into its physical or monetary equivalent. The subconscious acts first on the dominating desires which have been mixed with emotional feeling, such as faith.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WORKS DAY AND NIGHT. Through a method of procedure, unknown to man, the subconscious mind draws upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence for the power with which it voluntarily transmutes one’s desires into their physical equivalent, making use, always of the most practical media by which this end may be accomplished.”

Hill mentions the Infinite Intelligence. Wallace Wattles speaks of a Formless Intelligence. And while I know many of you have heard it before, it bears repeating:

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the inter-spaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.

In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; otherwise he cannot be in harmony with the Formless Intelligence, which is always creative and never competitive in spirit.”

Mike Dooley, who was in the movie The Secret boiled it down to this

“Thoughts Become Things. Choose the Good Ones.”

Einstein revealed to us a Universe made of Energy. He hypothesized that everything, in fact, was made of energy. That all the way down to the atomic level, things vibrate, oscillate and resonate. Quantum studies show that we can change reality. We can change the outcome of experiments simply by watching them.

Hill said, “every impulse of thought that reaches the objective mind through any of the five senses.”

Our senses simply pick up different types of energy by vibrational interpretations. Everything is energy.

Twinkie StonehengeIt’s at this point we can turn our villain into our ally. 

Some of you may have already redeemed your subconscious mind and are working together in manifesting what you want. Others, may have a twisting plot of cooperation and conflict going on in your own personal stories, like I have had. The rest of you may be listening to your subconscious now and it’s saying, “Don’t listen to this guy. He’s an idiot. He’s trying to brainwash you. He doesn’t have our best interests in mind. Quick! Check your cell phone. Play Angry Birds. Angry Birds!!! AIM. FIRE. AIM. FIRE. AIM. FIRE! DIE EVIL PIGS.”

Where was I?

Ah yes…turning the villain into a hero.

It’s here that the real work begins. Work that can be fun, but takes practice and dedication. The results and rewards are nothing less than miraculous.

With correct thoughts, you can begin immediate manifestation. You can have and do anything you want. But you have to get out of your own way.

Abraham says the Vortex exists ready for you to enter and live from, but you have to let go.

How many of you have thoughts in your mind, right now, saying something like, “I really want to go buy this coffee maker, but… I don’t really need it. I’d kinda feel guilty getting it because little Joey really wants a bike. I don’t really want to spend money on a bike right now.”

The Infinite Intelligence, the Formless Intelligence, the Genie, Bob, or God just heard… “I want a Coffee Maker. No. Not really. Joey wants a bike. (but I don’t want to buy a bike).” Coffee Maker. No Coffee Maker. Bike. No Bike.

Okay then. Nothing.


We’ve all heard this example or something like it. The question is, “How do you stop doing that!?” Let me ask another question you MAY have heard the answer to before: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

Practice. Practice. Practice.

So let’s figure out what exactly it is we have to practice. And, specifically practice on getting your new hero to focus on the things you WANT and not what you DON’T want.

My wife and I, many of you, and lots of people I know are INSTANT manifestors. Or at least, very quick manifestors.

As many of you know, I have a thing about movies and mythology. I’ve publicly spoken about my desire to be involved in movies. I’ve written a dozen outlines of movie plots and screenplays.

A few weeks ago, Christi and I were talking about some goals, considering various resources, and otherwise dreaming. Two things we focused on were me taking steps to finish one (or more) of my ideas and doing something with them, as well as making a comment about how our house needs to start pulling it’s weight in our family by producing some additional income.

Literally two days later, one of our friends posted on Facebook post and tagged us in it. “Eric and Christi have a nice living room. How about it? You guys want to be in a movie? Or at least your house?”

We checked it out and a movie production was looking for a location to shoot an independent film AND was willing to pay a few hundred dollars for a night shoot.

BAM! I got to hang with a movie crew and watch the pre-production and chat with the director, photographer, actors, and production people. The house made money for us.  AND…bonus…our son who had just made a comment of wanting to make a certain amount of money a week got hired by the director and made the entire amount in a night.

Pretty cool, eh? And I’ve focused on writing several days since then and am much clearer on what I want to accomplish.

So how did the opportunity manifest itself so quickly and so specifically?

We had no expectation of HOW things would unfold, we simply wanted an outcome. This is one of the keys. One of the ways as kids we were able to accomplish things. We never knew HOW something was going to happen, we simply knew what we wanted. We didn’t know if it could or couldn’t be done, simply that we wanted it done.

To end my talk today, I want to give you a few items to help your subconscious become your ally. To turn it from the dark side. To deliver all the presents back to you it’s been hoarding.

The Law of Attraction is based on one simple idea: what you focus on expands.

  1. You must be crystal clear on your goal or goals. Create a vision board. Create a mantra. Describe an experience. Paint a picture of the perfect relationship.
  2. Use the present tense when referring to your goals.
  3. Eliminate all negative thoughts. Anything self-defeating, critical, sad. Your FEELINGS are your best indicator of where you are in manifesting. Choose better feelings and thoughts and you will find yourself closer to your goal and you’re FEEL when you are closer.
  4. Meditate
  5. FEEL what it’s like to have achieved your goals.
  6. Say “Thank You” and embody gratitude. Negative thoughts and fear cannot exist at the same time as gratitude.
  7. Believe, have faith and pretend you don’t NEED it.

Lastly, you can try the Genie Approach.

Use the two magic words. No. Not Abra Cadabra (or is that just one word?)

“I Command…”

“I Command that a parking place will open up in front of the coffee shop!” One did for me, by the way. However, I had meant for a FREE parking place to open up. Sigh.


Also, there is ONE RULE for the Genie Approach: You cannot command others.

None of this, “I command Christi (my wife) to make me a pie!” Which, wouldn’t go over well in a multitude of ways. Your command should be “I command the universe create an apple pie for me.” Now, of course, the fasted manifestation is to go to the store and buy one, but…hey…instant!

twinkies-roadSo, go turn your villain into a hero, command the universe, have faith, and manifest some Twinkies.™

(And if you had been at Unity, I passed out the newly released Twinkies!)

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