I should really have shared more creative connections since October of 2014 when I posted my first connection, but… Cie la vie!

Creative Connection 0002: Why People ‘snap’ so much in the USA.

Oh, sure, there is violence and craziness everywhere in the world. I won’t disagree. But today I saw a connection that our craziness is due to the fact that we have created a society of antagonistic living.

What do I mean by “Antagonistic living?” I mean we are bombarded by conflicting messages telling us what is good and right, what is fun and adventurous, what is achievable and imaginable, followed by how each can be bad and wrong.

  1. Ads for dieting and ads for ‘lobster fest’ back to back.
  2. Work hard or you are a loser. Live life to the fullest or you’re a loser.
  3. Sex is bad. Sex is awesome.
  4. Religion makes you feel great to be part of something bigger. Religion tells you are born in sin.
  5. Buy our cigarettes. FDA says, “Learn the real cost of smoking.”
  6. Love one another. Hate people who are different than us.
  7. “Why’d he hit me, momma?” “Oh, that little boy probably likes you is all.” “Why does my husband beat me?”
  8. Rich people are evil. Please donate to our cause so we can help others.

Antagonistic Confusion

I could go on and on, but it’s these same things make me feel crazy as well.

But I’ve been told, nothing can MAKE you feel anything. It’s the way I interpret these events.

Well…I feel crazy…sometimes.

How about you?