I finally get why I have a collection of “Happy Face” things in my possession. I have a piggy bank, a pair of boxer shorts, a tee-shirt, buttons, I had a tie (I’ve lost), and there are a number of other things I have owned over the years. Not to mention one of my first pet’s name was Happy (I wonder if she really DID go to live on a farm or not? Hrmmm.)


Because I WANT to be happy! Who doesn’t?

This summer, I discovered that July 10th was International Happiness Day. Being the curious fellow I am, I dug deeper and found out about Sustainable Happiness and Positive Psychology. No kidding! I found an American Happiness Association and a woman who teaches Sustainable Happiness, the incredible Dr. Aymee Coget.

After much reading, I discovered I could create a Happiness Club, so… I did. And we’re JUST getting started.

“So, Eric, in a nutshell, what’s up with this happiness stuff?”

I’m only still learning, but what I do know is that Happiness is a Choice. The most simple explanation is you set your mind for positive activity. When you stub your toe, you can let it ruin your whole day setting into motion one bad thing after another, OR you can laugh and say, “I should have moved that YESTERDAY!”

But it’s not just a ‘woo-woo,’ touchy-feelie, whim someone has made up. Rather, happiness has measured scientific Benefits in life, such as:

  • Happiness brings large social rewards and interactions, superior work outcomes including higher income, more energy and activity, greater self-control and coping abilities, a bolstered immune system, and longevity.
  • Happy people demonstrate a self-serving bias, believing they are healthier, able to get along better with others, are more fun, have good ideas, are more intelligent, and are more ethical than others.
  • People who are positive about aging live 7.5 years longer than those with less positive perceptions. Interestingly, this benefit surpasses the results for smoking cessation, exercise, and obesity control.
  • People with increased SWB (subjective well-being) demonstrate high personal confidence, self-esteem, personal mastery, and control.
  • Happy people feel like they are in control and are empowered.
  • And several more can be found by Sandi Smith,  COO of the American Happiness Association, here with research sources…

Plus…Happy people have better sex. Nuff said.

So, do YOU want to live a more happy life?

Make a choice today. Join the club. Join the Association. Hire a coach (like I have). Or read a book.

The choice is yours.

What will you do?

Happiness1_Lead(Photo: Eric, Kate, Bob the mascot, and doing aerial feats is Jon)