Are There “Forbidden Zones” from the Past?

Are There “Forbidden Zones” from the Past?

Are There “Forbidden Zones” from the Past?

What would a warning from 10,000 years ago look like?

aztecalendarstoneWhen I was young, my dad did a lot of artistic things. Painted. Carved. Word working. Cartoons. And, one item I still have that he made was a copy of a Mayan calendar. Now, this was WAY back in the 70s before it was hip to do 2012 stuff. It now being 2013, and seeing as how the world didn’t end, it rests on one of my fireplace mantles.

What always struck me about this sculpture was the figure in the center. It was scary looking. And it looked, overall, like the sun sticking it’s tongue out at us all.

When I did further research, according to Crystal Links Metaphysics and Science Website, I discovered that the center was “Tonatiuh’s Face is the face of the sun, Lord of Heaven, around which takes place all daily and periodic phenomena.” Additionally, the tongue was originally stuck out in the “form of an obsidian knife, (and) indicates that the diety demands to be fed with blood and human hearts.”

What if all the ruins with scary sculptures, strange garish symbols, or even all the ‘sacrifice’ images are warnings NOT to go mucking about?

un-radioactive_warning_signToday, we have a few warning signs of our own. Especially for one of the most deadly toxins on the planet: radioactive material. But is it easy to tell it’s dangerous? Couldn’t this one warning symbolize the “From the pyramids of earth, rays of the all seeing One in heaven ordered the god of the underworld, Crossbones, to force man to hurl spears as offerings.”

Um. What? No? Well, why not?

With hardly anything older than 12,000 years old still standing that has been created by man, and radioactive material remaining toxic for around 100,000 years, something has to be done to warn the poor citizens of the future!

102,013 AD: Finland, Earth

Currently in Finland, such an endeavor is underway. On the northwest coast, they are building a more than 3 mile-long tunnel over 1,300 feet down to the bedrock, where a series of vaults interconnect. The site is named Onkalo (meaning “hiding place”). And how are they marking this site? A documentary can be seen about all the aspects that are going into construction and the idea of permanence titled Into Eternity. The main message they are trying to leave behind is, “We have built a place that is here to protect you. You should not live here.”

Right. Archeologists in 2-3,000 years from now, or longer, will find something like this and go, “COOL! Let’s dig this sucker up! It must have been important to spend all that effort on!” (Insert modern day ‘facepalm’).

In the 1990s, we had the same issues in the United States. Steve Rose of The Guardian wrote, “they came up with proposals for environments that communicated threat and hostility. They imagined landscapes of giant, spiky, black thorns or menacing, jagged earthworks, or vast concrete blocks creating narrow streets that lead nowhere.”

Other Warnings

Could areas across the globe that seem to send navigation systems into spasms be some ancient magnetic storage system that was sunk into the bottom of the ocean? The Bermuda Triangle, the Devils Triangle in the Pacific, or the many other areas where strange phenomena occur across the globe, could be waste from a bygone era we don’t recall.

What other symbols have we mistaken that may actually be warnings from the past? I’ve just finished reading a book and will be sharing some insights and do a review on it soon!