Atlantis and The Eye of the Sahara (Richat Structure)

Atlantis and The Eye of the Sahara (Richat Structure)

Atlantis and The Eye of the Sahara (Richat Structure)

One of the tenants of my “First Earth” theory is that humans had risen in the ancient past vs. aliens ‘seeding’ our planet (and/or giving us the technology to advance). Some believe our history is much more vast than ever thought before. In other words, “WE are the aliens we’ve been looking for.”

I LOVE the idea of Atlantis. How so many places along the Atlantic Ocean have the letters “ATL” and some even have the ‘S” sound. While the only documented instance of Atlantis is in Plato’s dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias,” where a recounting of a story by his grandfather who had heard it from an Athenian statesman 300 years before Plato’s time. It was said that Atlantis had become so unethical that by divine power it was swallowed by the oceans in a day and a night some 9,600 B.C. (or nearly 12,000 years ago). (source:

Two striking things:

  1. Scholars say the story was a metaphor as many texts have used to show what happens when a civilization is in decline or ‘sinful.’ How a divine power strikes down cities and civilizations that go down evil or selfish paths.
  2. Researchers have discovered ruins after ruins dating back 12,000 and evidence of a global catastrophe that caused the planet to go into a 1000-year mini-ice age at the end of the Younger Dryas. (Golbekli Tepe and Boncuklu Tarla to name a few in Turkey)

Atlantis was said to have been built in a series of concentric circles with mountains to the north and east emptying into a bay for ships to travel. Many people have tried to find this structure to no avail. Maybe it was a volcanic island that sank. Perhaps warming temperatures caused the oceans to rise and in the instance of Atlantis something caused that city to be covered in ‘a day and a night.’

Enter a few ideas, theories, and findings;

  1. Evidence that a comet or asteroid hit the northern hemisphere in North America and northern Europe at the end of the Younger Dryas some 12,000. (see The case of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis)
  2. Evidence of global flooding radiates from the northern hemisphere where tidal waves could have reached miles in height. Additionally, these waves would have then flooded backward after reaching far inland.
  3. The Clovis Paleo-Indian Culture of the Western Hemisphere, most mammals, and fauna became extinct nearly 12,000 years ago
  4. The Richat Structure’s (or Eye of the Sahara) location and satellite imagery show massive flooding from the northeast to the southwest that would have easily destroyed anything there.

When it comes to the Richart Structure, a natural structure in the Sahara), some believe it is the origin of the Atlanteans who built it. But geologists say it is a natural structure. But skeptics believe it HAD to be man-made because the Atlanteans BUILT Atlantis with their advanced technology. OR MAYBE ALIENS! GASP!

Here’s a thought (and I’m not the only one who has said it):
The Atlanteans found an amazing natural formation and decided to build on that spot (much like explorers who have built cities in locations that were scenic, interesting land formations, and where rivers joined.) “Hey, Bob! Would you look at THAT!” “Wow, Atlas. It’s three rings of land at the base of some waterfalls. How cool.” “Yeah. We should build a city there.” “Dibs! We’ll call it… Atlantis!”

Just more meandering thoughts. Gotta find evidence, but hard-pressed to find it if it’s all been washed away 12,000 years ago.

Header Image: Landsat 8 Collection 2 image was acquired over the Richat Structure near the western edge of the Sahara Desert on April 25, 2020, and is shown as a natural color composite using the red, green, and blue bands (Bands 4,3,2).


One Tip for the Future… Sunscreen.

One Tip for the Future… Sunscreen.

One Tip for the Future… Sunscreen.

One reason I started the First Earth blog, was simply to keep track of things that were coming together a creating a picture in my mind. While I believe in the statistical probability of alien life, I’ve never seen hard evidence that proved it to me adequately. And the thought of how some other advanced race will someday appear and ‘save us’ (or has in the past) causes me to ask the question of the individual, “What church do/did you belong to?”

Statistically, I’ve discovered they were raised in a conservative church and, in my opinion, have traded saviors. But not always. Additionally, I have watched nearly all the Ancient Alien television shows, and throughout my life read and watched many other sources about aliens. And, as I’ve said, I have never seen any proof. What I did see was a pattern of the loss of some ancient civilization that has since disappeared. Nearly all mythology has stories of an advanced age or ‘golden age’ as well as how mankind was either created from earth, pulled from the earth, or come out from caves to be given enlightenment and/or knowledge. And setting aside aliens and literal translations of ancient texts, the pattern was one of a near “Extinction Level Event” that changed the face of the earth. An event that took thousands of years for mankind to recover from and rebuild. Forgotten Civilization by Dr. Robert Schoch

After reading a sci-fi novel titled Sunstorm by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, it all made sense. And within a short time later, I discovered, bought, and devoured Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future by Dr. Robert Schoch. Being more of a creative person who sees patterns, Dr. Schoch’s book is a goldmine of theories, research, proof, and resources. He takes us on a journey through the Earth’s past and is able to show how the sun is “not-so-eternal” after all. From cave paintings to the rocks of the planet to newly found 12,000-year-old ruins, the evidence is clear that at least one ancient civilization has existed before on our planet.

When he originally dated the Sphinx at being closer to 9,000 years old, Dr. Schoch challenged the paradigms and beliefs of the age of civilization and the development of mankind. Ever since more and more evidence has proven him to be right.

Don’t be fooled, this book is not about scaring people into finding holes to go live in and prepare for the upcoming solar storm, but rather a well thought out observation of what has happened and what may still happen. I highly recommend this book. Not for the reasons I was searching for answers, but rather for the amazing research, theories, and journeys he describes. You’ll ‘visit’ the Sphinx in Egypt, Gobelki Tepe in southern Turkey, the statues of Easter Island, and time travel to various points in history across the globe. Science AND adventure! “But trust me on the sunscreen…”


Are There “Forbidden Zones” from the Past?

Are There “Forbidden Zones” from the Past?

Are There “Forbidden Zones” from the Past?

What would a warning from 10,000 years ago look like?

aztecalendarstoneWhen I was young, my dad did a lot of artistic things. Painted. Carved. Word working. Cartoons. And, one item I still have that he made was a copy of a Mayan calendar. Now, this was WAY back in the 70s before it was hip to do 2012 stuff. It now being 2013, and seeing as how the world didn’t end, it rests on one of my fireplace mantles.

What always struck me about this sculpture was the figure in the center. It was scary looking. And it looked, overall, like the sun sticking it’s tongue out at us all.

When I did further research, according to Crystal Links Metaphysics and Science Website, I discovered that the center was “Tonatiuh’s Face is the face of the sun, Lord of Heaven, around which takes place all daily and periodic phenomena.” Additionally, the tongue was originally stuck out in the “form of an obsidian knife, (and) indicates that the diety demands to be fed with blood and human hearts.”

What if all the ruins with scary sculptures, strange garish symbols, or even all the ‘sacrifice’ images are warnings NOT to go mucking about?

un-radioactive_warning_signToday, we have a few warning signs of our own. Especially for one of the most deadly toxins on the planet: radioactive material. But is it easy to tell it’s dangerous? Couldn’t this one warning symbolize the “From the pyramids of earth, rays of the all seeing One in heaven ordered the god of the underworld, Crossbones, to force man to hurl spears as offerings.”

Um. What? No? Well, why not?

With hardly anything older than 12,000 years old still standing that has been created by man, and radioactive material remaining toxic for around 100,000 years, something has to be done to warn the poor citizens of the future!

102,013 AD: Finland, Earth

Currently in Finland, such an endeavor is underway. On the northwest coast, they are building a more than 3 mile-long tunnel over 1,300 feet down to the bedrock, where a series of vaults interconnect. The site is named Onkalo (meaning “hiding place”). And how are they marking this site? A documentary can be seen about all the aspects that are going into construction and the idea of permanence titled Into Eternity. The main message they are trying to leave behind is, “We have built a place that is here to protect you. You should not live here.”

Right. Archeologists in 2-3,000 years from now, or longer, will find something like this and go, “COOL! Let’s dig this sucker up! It must have been important to spend all that effort on!” (Insert modern day ‘facepalm’).

In the 1990s, we had the same issues in the United States. Steve Rose of The Guardian wrote, “they came up with proposals for environments that communicated threat and hostility. They imagined landscapes of giant, spiky, black thorns or menacing, jagged earthworks, or vast concrete blocks creating narrow streets that lead nowhere.”

Other Warnings

Could areas across the globe that seem to send navigation systems into spasms be some ancient magnetic storage system that was sunk into the bottom of the ocean? The Bermuda Triangle, the Devils Triangle in the Pacific, or the many other areas where strange phenomena occur across the globe, could be waste from a bygone era we don’t recall.

What other symbols have we mistaken that may actually be warnings from the past? I’ve just finished reading a book and will be sharing some insights and do a review on it soon!


Bosnian Pryamids – September 2011

Bosnian Pryamids – September 2011

Bosnian Pryamids – September 2011

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when I first read about this a few months ago.

Since then, more and more news, footage, and papers have been writing about this single historic find that MUST change our perception of human history.

Droves of people have been heading to the town of Visoko in, what they called, the Valley of the Pyramids due to the way the hills looked like. In 2005, archaeologist Semir Osmanagic finally said…”Hey! Those DO look like pyramids. Think I’ll go dig.”

And when he did, he discovered carved stone.

Think I’m making this stuff up? The Second International Scientific Conference on Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids – ICBP 2011, finished on September 9th, 2011 in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina and their report?

Twenty seven experts and researchers from eleven countries (United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Germany, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina) unanimously accepted conclusions offered by Scientific Committee which consisted of:

  • Prof. dr. Ljuba Ristovski (Macedonia), physicist, professor at University of Belgrade
  • Dr. Sara Acconci (Italy), archaeologist
  • Dr. Ernest Bauman (Germany), Biologist and physicist
  • Prof. dr. Lucia Krasovec-Lukac (Italy), architect, professor at Politecnico di Milano
  • Dr. sc. Slobodan Mizdrak (Croatia), physicist, independent researcher
  • Prof. dr. Paolo Debertolis (Italy), anthropologist, professor at University of Trieste
  • Eng. Heikki Savolainen (Finska), professional sound engineer
  • Eng. Goran Marjanović (Serbia), Megatrend University
  • Klaus Dona (Austria), curator

The following conclusions and suggestions have been accepted:

  1. Interdisciplinary scientific research of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is globally important project.
  2. Number of energy phenomena (electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, infrasound) have been detected and measured on Bosnian Pyramids and Underground Labyrinth. Most probably these phenomena have an artificial source which have to be precisely located and explained in the future work.
  3. Archaeological and anthropological work in Underground labyrinth “Ravne” have produced proofs of its artificial origin and advanced builders.
  4. Radiocarbon dating of organic material discovered in binder on the terrace located on Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, which produced result of 10.350 years (+/- 50 years) B.C. might require the history of the Planet is to be redefined.
  5. Further archaeological work is needed on Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun to confirm potential inner passageways and chambers within.

Did I forget to mention tunnels and labyrints? Which, some of you may know, is becoming a recurring find around pyramids.


Stay tuned, and First Earth will explain.

And wait to you hear about all the polished spheres found in Bosnia…and around the globe.

Additional Sources:

Cohokia Mounds

Cohokia Mounds

Cohokia Mounds

And Other American Pyramids

Although archeologists are dating the Cohokia Mounds at around 1000-1200 AD, the template would have been formed much earlier.

Questions would be, how and why a city housing over 20,000 people would be built and then all the inhabitants just disappear? Of course, if the Norse really did come much earlier than Columbus, maybe they brought some other diseases that caused an epidemic?

Did the Western Hemisphere lose the knowledge of how the Pyramids generated and broadcast power, but remembered how to build the structure and still believed it to be a way of ‘having’ power?

More questions….