One Tip for the Future… Sunscreen.

One Tip for the Future… Sunscreen.

One Tip for the Future… Sunscreen.

One reason I started the First Earth blog, was simply to keep track of things that were coming together a creating a picture in my mind. While I believe in the statistical probability of alien life, I’ve never seen hard evidence that proved it to me adequately. And the thought of how some other advanced race will someday appear and ‘save us’ (or has in the past) causes me to ask the question of the individual, “What church do/did you belong to?”

Statistically, I’ve discovered they were raised in a conservative church and, in my opinion, have traded saviors. But not always. Additionally, I have watched nearly all the Ancient Alien television shows, and throughout my life read and watched many other sources about aliens. And, as I’ve said, I have never seen any proof. What I did see was a pattern of the loss of some ancient civilization that has since disappeared. Nearly all mythology has stories of an advanced age or ‘golden age’ as well as how mankind was either created from earth, pulled from the earth, or come out from caves to be given enlightenment and/or knowledge. And setting aside aliens and literal translations of ancient texts, the pattern was one of a near “Extinction Level Event” that changed the face of the earth. An event that took thousands of years for mankind to recover from and rebuild. Forgotten Civilization by Dr. Robert Schoch

After reading a sci-fi novel titled Sunstorm by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, it all made sense. And within a short time later, I discovered, bought, and devoured Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future by Dr. Robert Schoch. Being more of a creative person who sees patterns, Dr. Schoch’s book is a goldmine of theories, research, proof, and resources. He takes us on a journey through the Earth’s past and is able to show how the sun is “not-so-eternal” after all. From cave paintings to the rocks of the planet to newly found 12,000-year-old ruins, the evidence is clear that at least one ancient civilization has existed before on our planet.

When he originally dated the Sphinx at being closer to 9,000 years old, Dr. Schoch challenged the paradigms and beliefs of the age of civilization and the development of mankind. Ever since more and more evidence has proven him to be right.

Don’t be fooled, this book is not about scaring people into finding holes to go live in and prepare for the upcoming solar storm, but rather a well thought out observation of what has happened and what may still happen. I highly recommend this book. Not for the reasons I was searching for answers, but rather for the amazing research, theories, and journeys he describes. You’ll ‘visit’ the Sphinx in Egypt, Gobelki Tepe in southern Turkey, the statues of Easter Island, and time travel to various points in history across the globe. Science AND adventure! “But trust me on the sunscreen…”


Crystal Skulls and Holographic Data Storage

Crystal Skulls and Holographic Data Storage

Crystal Skulls and Holographic Data Storage

What if we knew, today, that a world wide calamity was going to strike?

What if we knew most of the population of the planet would be lost, our infrastructure destroyed, our knowledge in ‘the cloud’ inaccessible? Almost everything is digital at the moment; books, movies, music, and images. If something destroyed, or interrupted, the electrical fields, or simply destroyed our ability to generate power…what would happen to the over 1 billion terrabytes of data we have stored?

What if language and communication were bound to be confused or lost entirely without the constant passing down of knowledge, reading, math, and history?

What if we had time to prepare?

And what if, we could leave behind that knowledge and make it recognizable to later generations?

Where is information stored?
Our brains.

And our brains reside?
In our skull.

Did you know current trends in Holographic Data Storage are able to store a Terabyte of information in a high-density plastic disc much like the size of a DVD? That’s 200 DVDs on a single disc.

Some scientists are working on liquid crystals to form into shapes for data storage.

What is the legend of the Crystal Skulls? That they hold information of our ancestors. That they are so smooth that they appear to be created without any polishing or shaping?

Hmmm. Sounds like liquid crystal shaped into a skull…which is symbolic of the containment vessel for our brains.

Now, to find the primer and figure out how to read and decode the language(s) of the people of First Earth.


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