The energy was ramped up for Friday. Crowds lned up well before the doors opened and people were decked out in costume. Still missed the Stormtrooper parade. Have NO idea where it was or if it existed. However, bands of stormtroopers wandered the exhibit hall, groups of Jedi kept the peace (including one group of amazon Jedi!). Superheros were everywhere and several villians as well.

I didn’t get pictures of those in costumes with me.

I will write up a more detailed report. I’m currently in day 4 awaiting the Battlestar panel to begin in a room filled to capacity. Did I mention they have FREE wi-fi here at the ComicCon. BTW…I believe the blog-o-verse is FILLED with bloggers reporting from ComicCon.

Here are a few pics from Day 3!

Namesté ya’ll!