Yes. 3:30 came VERY early this morning. Plus the fact I’m sleeping in a strange place and concerned with making sure I’m up to catch the flight I didn’t sleep much.

However, we boarded the plane from Little Rock and made it to Dallas without a hitch. Troy and I grabbed some dry eggs and breakfast bread (also known as ‘toast’) at TGI Fridays (pictured at right) and chilled out a little bit before boarding the plane to San Diego. Funny. We leave Dallas at 8:25a.m. and arrive in San Diego at 8:35. The trip sure FEELS longer than ten minutes.

Full plane too. At the moment I’m writing from 32,000 feet in the air. Troy is snoring lightly next to me and some other dude is sitting on the other side of him with his mouth hanging open.

Me? I’m checking out the horizon from time to time but everything seems pretty flat at the moment.

Tooling around San Diego at the moment looking for our hotel. Taking a little longer to get around. Already met people who gave us tips. More soon!