OH YEAH! Troy did good.

We arrived at noon at the Hotel Sommerset…well before normal check-in. But we were so darn charming and geeky that the lady said we had our choice of floors and choice of rooms. She asked if we wanted an EXECUTIVE suite. We said, “Hell yeah!”

Moments later, we open the door to a spacious (albeit retro styled) nearly 1000 sq. ft. suite:

Troy admiring the art from the dining room.

Troy in the Living Room…chillin.

Eric on the Balcony

Eric enjoying the Ammenities.

The view. Yeah…it’s mostly a parking lot, but it’s a lovely 70 degrees out with clear blue skies….

Well…we’re off to find food, pick up Chris H. from the airport and then off to register and get our badges at the convention center. Will leave my computer here for the evening, but will be taking the camera!!!

Namesté Ya’ll!

P.S. When I said people gave us tips, I meant about the convention happenings. Every day there is a parade with over 100 people dressed in Star Wars Stormtrooper costumes led by Darth Vader. I’m SUCH a geek!!!