Vegas Nights

Everyone begins the year with a list of “New Year’s Resolutions.” Things we say we’re going to change about ourselves, or things we’ve put off doing, in order to grow.

I have the wonderful benefit (or curse) of having been a blogger for over 2 years. Not that I’ve been regularly doing it daily, but enough that I can tell you exactly what was going on when I was writing.

Now, several years ago, I made a resolution to give up resolutions and I haven’t started them back yet. However, to my dismay, I discovered SEVERAL entries where I stated what my next intentions were to better myself. I just didn’t do them on January 1st.

I suppose I’m not truly dismayed at the one entry that jumped out at me, but I did discover I’ve been working on the same things for over two years. AND, I haven’t been doing everything possible to make those things come true. There WAS a third item, and I actually accomplished it…sorta. It was “Moving into a condo so I could focus on traveling and not working on my house.” Well…I DID get to move into the condo temporarily, and it DID lead to me getting an apartment that freed up a ton of money so I could travel. So…that kinda worked. Right?

But the other two…not so much. Except for one I have recently started. These two were:

  1. Begin a writing career
  2. Work on a movie in some capacity

Well, I’ve done some writing off and on, but as of January 1st, I will have a short column in a small local publication (with big dreams). It’s called the MOMster Chronicles. It’s basically for, you guessed it…Moms. They have a new owner who wants to branch out and give moms as much support and information as possible to make life better for their family and themselves. Not sure if it will be online anytime soon, but I believe you can register for it. I’ll post the column the month after they publish. Meanwhile, here’s what they’ve got up for now:

I’ve also started writing for a new web site that I plan on having humor, information and communal advice when it comes to relationships. The column, I think I’ve mentioned before, will be called “The Single Guy” and be about the misadventures of a single guy trying to find love. It will be based off of many stories I’ve heard from friends as well as some of my own embellished stories. Hope to launch that VERY soon.

As for the movie making business? Well…that’s going to have to wait a bit longer. But let’s just say all the things I’m doing are moving towards giving me resources and time to go that direction as well. I’ve MET and NETWORKED with screenwriters, directors and other film folk. I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

Meanwhile, I’m off to Vegas with Christi via Interstate 40 and a 19 hour drive. We’re heading to a Chocolate business conference that starts at 10:00 a.m. in Vegas. We’re leaving on New Year’s day at 7:00. Our plan is to make it to Flagstaff, AZ by 10:00 p.m. Thursday night. We’ll keep you posted and maybe post some photos and/or video. Being the techno-geeks we are.

So, on this day when we all portend “New Beginnings” let’s start simple and just focus on “New Outlooks” and see where our visions can take us.

Mine is taking me to Vegas, baby!