Comic Con 2008 – Day 3 – a little late

The energy was ramped up for Friday. Crowds lned up well before the doors opened and people were decked out in costume. Still missed the Stormtrooper parade. Have NO idea where it was or if it existed. However, bands of stormtroopers wandered the exhibit hall, groups of Jedi kept the peace (including one group of amazon Jedi!). Superheros were everywhere and several villians as well.

I didn’t get pictures of those in costumes with me.

I will write up a more detailed report. I’m currently in day 4 awaiting the Battlestar panel to begin in a room filled to capacity. Did I mention they have FREE wi-fi here at the ComicCon. BTW…I believe the blog-o-verse is FILLED with bloggers reporting from ComicCon.

Here are a few pics from Day 3!

Namesté ya’ll!

Day 2 – Addendum

Had to crash last night after we got back. Not a super late night or anything, but after all that activity being around all those people, and…well…we were all pretty wiped out. We ALMOST went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show…maybe tonight.

Today, we’re meeting up with our fellow high school classmate, Kim (pictures will appear later) today.

So it’s 7:00 a.m. and we’re getting ready to bail from the hotel room soon to see if we can’t catch the Stormtrooper parade this morning. AND get a damn closer parking place.

Rumor has it, it’s supposed to be super packed today and tomorrow. However, I’m wondering how they can sell out each day’s tickets in advance and it be MORE crowded today and tomorrow than yesterday. It WAS a crowd, but not unbearably crowded. We’ll see.

So, as for last night…and late yesterday…we got to see Kevin smith moderating “Scream Like a Girl” sponsored by the Spike TV Scream awards. The panel was to discuss strong women characters in sci-fi, fantasy and comics. Gayle Hurd (who produced Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens…all which had strong female leads), Lucy Lawless (Xena and Battlestar), Jaime King (Sin City and The Spirit), and Pia someone (who is an amazing up and coming comic artist) were all on the panel (see yesterday’s pics).

There were a TON of people there yesterday. The crowd was bearable. There are also a TON of stars wandering around. However, what’s interesting is that the behind-the-scenes people (like Bear McCreary, composer for Battlestar) aren’t recognizeable except through their work. So you don’t know who they are unless someone points them out. I spotted Bear with his girlfriend looking at Manga art on the exhibition floor. I had already spoken to him earlier and thought about getting his photo, but I hesitated. Will try to correct that behavior today.

Rumor has it that Hugh Jackman was here promoting the Wolverine movie and Simon Pegg was here as well (yeah, okay Kristi, I missed him!). Now, you have to understand. This convention center is GINORMOUS! I mean at least 2 to 4 city blocks long. AND when it comes to these session (like Scream Like a Girl)… there were THIRTEEN OTHER sessions going on at the same time! Including one with Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connaley, Samual Jackson, Mark Walberg, Anna Paquin, and that’s not counting the stars that may be moderating. When we came into the end of the KING tv series session, one of the stars from Hero’s was moderating (the guy who plays the mind-reader; Matt Parkman.)

There are TONS of people blogging, filming, taking photos and you can find them online on Flickr and other photo places (thanks Stephanie!!!) And all the national news agencies are covering as well.

The people are all very nice, so far. Even as crowded as it is, people apologize when they give you too much of a jostle.

We had dinner at Mary Jane’s coffee shop. Very groovy stylin place in the Hard Rock hotel building. But, sorry, I may be too low brow, but it’s weird to tip a guy in the bathroom to hand me a towel and a mint. I ordered a “TV DInner” that came with a strip steak with onion rings, arugala salad and a brownie topped with blueberries and mint. All in an aluminum tray. Very groovy.

Back to the convention center for the 2008 Star Wars Fan Film Festival sponsored by Lucasfilms and Atom Films (Remember Mr. Wong Matt! The company IS still around). One movie highlighted (besides the submitted films) was a new one called FANBOYS that has been in distribution limbo for a year. If you had been one of the first 300 people in line (of at least 2000 that were IN line), you were invited to see a screening of the film. We weren’t in the first 300 (laugh).

We were surprised to hear that Kevin Spacey was one of the producers of Fanboys and suddenly…SHOWED UP! (see pic). Additionally, giving awards out was Rene O’Conner from Xena.

As for other things of the night that we DIDN’T attend; from the director of the Saw Movies was his latest creation REPO! The Genetic Opera, staring Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley, Paris Hilton and Terranc Zdunich (don’t worry…I didn’t know most of them either). 10th Annual Kung Fu Extravaganza, Adventures in Anime, Will Esiner awards, Comedy Central TV Funhouse, Lionsgate films promotion of PUnisher: War Zone as well as the World premier of Lost Boys: the Tribe. I have NO idea if it was any good…but…I have a guess…. (laugh).

Today we’re hitting the Watchmen session at 11:55. I wanted to see the Stargate Continuum panel (the whole cast of the Stargate show), but it starts at 10:45 and lasts until 11:45. And, trust me, you can’t ditch from one session and make the other one THAT fast. I may try, though. May get Troy and Chris to hold me a seat.

ALSO wanted to see SPACED with Simon Pegg…but that starts at 12:30, and the Watchment END at 1:00. Sheesh. 2:45 has Samual Jackson, Eve Mendes and Gabriel Macht to promote Frank Millers’ The Spirit. The Sci-Fi Ghosthunters are here today. At 4:30 I’d really like to see the cast of Bones. I had also wanted to see the panel on Sanctuary produced by Amanda Tapping of Stargate…but…starts at 5:30. AND…REALLY wanted to see the panel on “Kevin Smith Makes a ‘Porno'” with the Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.  FULL DAY!

Tonight? Events include: Myster Science Theater 20th reunion, SCI-FI Night with premeire of Eureka and Stargate: Atlantis, Will Eisner Awards, Spaced (with Simon Pegg) screening, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog with Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day. 10:45 tonight. THEN Rocky Horror Picture Show? (laugh)

Later! Oh…you can click on the thumbnails below (and previous post) to see bigger picture. I just figured out how to do that. Should save on load speed.

Well…that’s all the blogging for now. We have to get out of here soon!


Day Two – Comic Con

Day Two – Comic Con

Just a quick entry. We’re about to watch a panel on women in horror, fantasy and sci-fi moderated by Kevin Smith. Will explain and/or update photo captions later.


Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica

Castle Grayskull

There’s an old school Cylon wandering around and a ton of stormtroopers. I’ll try to snag them too.

More photos from Troy’s camera later! Signing off from ComicCon!


Day One – The ComicCon (plus some other stuff)

Day One – The ComicCon (plus some other stuff)

I’m SOOOOO freakin’ tired and we haven’t really started yet! I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning after a 3 hour nap. While it’s only 10:30 out here, it’s 12:30 back home. Troy is snoozing on the couch (funny, hunh dad?).

Anyway, I’ll live.

So after securing our room at noon, Troy and I headed to lunch. We passed a few Urban Grills and ended up at a …..I don’t know what it was. Hulu’s Beach Bar and Grill is what it was called, I think. I ate a wonderful Seafood Wonton plate with a Cap’n and Coke.

From there, we drove around and were suddenly hit by exhaustion. So we headed back to the hotel for a bit until it was time to pick up Chris H. Then it was OFF TO THE COMIC CON!!!

Good GRIEF there were a LOT of people, but it went pretty fast. We arrived at 3:00 and the events didn’t start until 6:00. So around 5:00 we headed to a little mexican place that had AWESOME cheese dip and guacamole. Of course, everyone downtown is catering to the ComicCon crowd…

Back at ComicCon, we discovered that the large line weaving in and around walls, up and down stairs and outside was for the opening of the Exhibition Hall where all the goodies were. We decided to go sit in the half empty Hall where they were showing a sneak premiere to J.J. Abrahms new TV series; Fringe. Kind of an “X-Files” meets “Bones” meets “Back to the Future (crazy scientist character).” It was about 80 minutes long. And very good, actually. Security constantly swept the floor looking for video pirating.

Then it was OFF to the exhibition hall and … OH…MY…GOD! The place was packed with people and VERY cool stuff. From ‘lifesize’ models of the Hulk, Iron Man (and his nemesis Iron Monger), and other critters to logo sculptures, action figures, tee shirts, videos, art, games, and highly detailed sculptures. However, I hear Friday and Saturday are packed 4 or 5 times the amount as tonight. I’m anticipating going to seminars (laugh). But I DID pick up several cool posters, and other give-a-ways (Christi, I’ve got a Stargate tee-shirt for you with the collar ready to be ripped out (wink).

Here are some pics from the evening and one where some weird women came up to me and asked to take their picture with them. I guess they liked my tee shirt or something.

Yawn. Blink. Blink.

G’night everyone.

For my brother, who wanted to grow up to be the Hulk.

Full Size Batman made of LEGOS!

Full Size Batman made of LEGOS!

Chris and Boba Fett Lego man

Chris and Boba Fett Lego man

Day One! Part 2 – The Suite

Day One! Part 2 – The Suite

OH YEAH! Troy did good.

We arrived at noon at the Hotel Sommerset…well before normal check-in. But we were so darn charming and geeky that the lady said we had our choice of floors and choice of rooms. She asked if we wanted an EXECUTIVE suite. We said, “Hell yeah!”

Moments later, we open the door to a spacious (albeit retro styled) nearly 1000 sq. ft. suite:

Troy admiring the art from the dining room.

Troy in the Living Room…chillin.

Eric on the Balcony

Eric enjoying the Ammenities.

The view. Yeah…it’s mostly a parking lot, but it’s a lovely 70 degrees out with clear blue skies….

Well…we’re off to find food, pick up Chris H. from the airport and then off to register and get our badges at the convention center. Will leave my computer here for the evening, but will be taking the camera!!!

Namesté Ya’ll!

P.S. When I said people gave us tips, I meant about the convention happenings. Every day there is a parade with over 100 people dressed in Star Wars Stormtrooper costumes led by Darth Vader. I’m SUCH a geek!!!