Theme for 2016: “Why Not?”

2015 was an interesting experiment in goal setting. It was more about focus and theme vs specific goals. However, I did have one specific mandate for my business and that was profit. Yes, part of my ‘theme’ for the year, but it was a very pointed and... read more

Semi-Daily Journal: 002

Semi-Daily blog, indeed. Ten days after the first, and there has been a lot of things occur. But primarily I would say that being a parent, husband, business owner, teacher, friend, sibling and creative is a challenging juggling act. I found myself leaning against a... read more

Semi-Daily Journal: 001

Tomorrow is Columbus Day. People want to change it to Indigenous People’s Day. I do understand. History showed a much different portrait of Columbus than people of the past portrayed him and his actions. It’s kind of a big deal, in a Confederate Flag... read more

Creative Connections 0002

I should really have shared more creative connections since October of 2014 when I posted my first connection, but… Cie la vie! Creative Connection 0002: Why People ‘snap’ so much in the USA. Oh, sure, there is violence and craziness everywhere in... read more

Return to Mayfield

Chapter I Visiting Mayfield in the backwoods of Kentucky always brought pleasant memories to mind from my youth. My two sisters would spend hours in the library while my grandparents went about their daily activities. Ms. Cooper was always so helpful and knew just the... read more


Oh ancient, Camenae, bless me with inspiration, so my creations are not all perspiration. Though Homer asked for help from you, the Muses, I ask for those named by Andronicus without excuses. As I reach to the heavens for topics profound and entertaining, I tend to... read more

What We Leave Behind

As I walk in nature, I often come across an abandoned camp site or a pile of stacked stones and I think about the people who had been there before me and left traces behind from their visit. Granted, the hiking trail is a constant reminder of years of use and people... read more

Transcending Time

Travis Triplett walked his mutt of a dog four times every day, from his small cottage home tucked back in an early 20th century neighborhood to a nearby park, and dutifully picked up the piles of shit she left behind along the way. He didn’t mind it at all.... read more

Why All the Darkness in My Star Trek?

In 2016, Star Trek and I will hit the half-century mark. That’s right, 50 years young. Whether it was because my parents watched it, or I just was amazed by the show as a kid, I have been a long time fan. Or dare I say, a Trekkie? But since 1994, the year... read more

Living a Creative Life

As part of my ‘beginning of the year’ reflection and goals, I really wanted to get back to my core strengths and passions. It’s pretty easy to pinpoint, actually. I love creating. And this isn’t in just one area. Stories Art Food Spaces Logos... read more

Return of the Sun

As I write this post, the sky is gray, fog lays across the hills and valleys, rain is drizzling down and it’s cold. Not freezing, mind you, but pretty dang chilly. It’s a perfect day to curl up in bed and watch a movie. But this is the year of creativity,... read more

An Introverted Extrovert: Confessions of a Social Guy

Hi, I’m Eric Huber with Blue Zoo Creative. And you are…? This is normally where I start when I’m out at a networking event or some happening where I’m meeting new people. From there, I love to learn about people, hear their stories and figure... read more

Theme for a New Year: Creativity, Profit and Adventure

It’s 2015 and most people start all their New Year’s Resolutions, lofty goals, or otherwise map out how the coming year will be better than the last. I’ve tried it lots of times and one year made a resolution not to make any more resolutions. Two... read more

Creative Connections: 0001

Today begins a little space on my website where I attempt at making creative connections. Not where I meet other creative people, mind you, but rather make connections in observations in the world. In a recent article titled Secrets of the Creative Brain by Nancy C... read more

Anger Sharks

Some days, you just get pissed off. Something little might even trigger you and send you into a spiral.
The biggest thing is not to react in the moment, but respond. It’s also good not to stew for too long if it’s something that needs to be addressed.

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Memories of Trimming the Tree

I’ve had a hard Holiday season this year for some strange reason, and I’m not entirely sure why. While a few things aren’t where I’d like them to be, most things are pretty great. And the gratitude, faith, and love I have around me is pretty... read more

Tasty Vegan Chili

Trying to eat healthier and living with a person who has vegetarian to vegan tendencies is a challenge sometimes. I THOUGHT I craved and missed meat… but a lot of times, it’s just the feeling of having comfort food, familiar flavors and textures I miss from... read more

Twinkies™ and Global Consciousness

(Originally a talk given at Unity of Fayetteville on 7/21/13 about manifesting) If you’re here, you’re obviously wondering, why Twinkies,™ Global Consciousness and Manifesting? I know that nearly everyone here has studied manifesting. Most of you have attended Mary... read more

Silicon(e): All Chapters

All in one place for you to read, chapter by chapter. Chapter 1 | Pantone 484 Chapter 2 | Pantone 137 Chapter 3 | Pantone Cool Grey 3 Chapter 4 | Pantone 133 Chapter 5 | Pantone 2562 Chapter 6 | Pantone 7484 Chapter 7 | Pantone 2728 Chapter 8 | Pantone 871 Chapter 9 |... read more

Chapter 10 | Pantone 622

Agent Emma Samuels pulled away from Ben Ashmore’s green gray home in a complete stupor. ‘How could one person have that much put on him so fast and not be a complete vegetable. And what the heck was going on with all these events? How are they tied together as they... read more

Chapter 9 | Pantone 877

The dull silver handcuffs were finally being unlocked and taken off Ben’s rather sore wrists after a long forty-eight hours of incarceration. Not that he noticed how long it had been. Too much had happened to him. He’d lost so much. His fiance. His friends. His... read more

Chapter 8 | Pantone 871

  INTERLUDE Hundreds of golden metallic bullet shells covered the warehouse floor where Agent Emma Samuels surveyed one of the many strange scenes she had witnessed or been called in to investigate today. A bank of ten computers surrounded a pole where power and... read more

Chapter 7 | Pantone 2728

The sky was an amazing deep expansive blue, but everything felt flat and lifeless. Like someone had adjusted the saturation until only dull muted colors existed in the world. Even the series of ambulances, police cars, and fire truck that rushed past Ben with lights... read more

Chapter 6 | Pantone 7484

The green and gold school colors of The University of San Francisco shown brightly in the morning sun and the banner they were displayed upon billowed in the morning breeze off the bay. Students were already hustling about on their way to class. Some were obviously... read more